How to Monetize Your Writing Talent

If you are one of those persons which liked to read a lot in college and loved to write fantasy novels, you have some writing skills. If you often find you thinking about stories, what to read next or your next essay, you might have a talent. And you should start to discover it piece by piece and start making it your job, not just your hobby. Of course, it’s not so easy to resign from your actual job and start writing without a plan. You should implement this decision slowly and with baby steps. The first one you could do is to make writing a part-time job. And if you have a talent, why not use it? Besides the reward that comes from this, you could also start monetizing it. And, step by step, you can become one of those people who love their job. But, firstly, let’s see how you can start monetizing your talent: Create a Blog Even though there are lots and lots of blogs, you can spot the one of a talented writer. You can use your blog to post your thoughts, your analyses or your stories. It’s up to you. But you should see it as a playground, a way to learn new things about you and your skills. Besides this, you can easily be remarked by the right person. You will be able to start monetizing your skills easier. Become a Contributor There are some magazines and newspapers that have collaborations with contributors. Even though it is not a full-time job, you can write articles for some publications. It is a good start for you, especially because your articles can be read by lots of people. And, step by step, you will become known and writing will become your primary job. Freelancing If… read more →