Almond Press is a group of individuals drawn together through a passion for literature, writing, and our interest in the future of publishing. Our aim is to bring together authors, readers, and publishers in an attempt to find new talent while sharing and promoting great writing.

It can be difficult to get your foot in the door with a great publishing company, but we believe that there are many talented writers with undiscovered potential out there. For this reason, we run a line of creative writing competitions to challenge writers to create unique work that can showcase their personal storytelling ability. Authors that are chosen from these competitions will be granted an opportunity to see their works published by Almond Press. Our collections are read by genre enthusiasts from around the world, and this creates an invaluable opportunity for aspiring authors to share their work.

All proceeds from our publications go towards running short story competitions and promoting aspiring writers like yourself.

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Insightful Books for Writers, about Writing

You never stop learning (even as a writer). Here are some well-written and insightful books about the writing craft. If... Read More →

In Search of Dystopia

Dystopian novels project the fears and faults of their own time, exaggerated and through metaphors, into the future. An author’s imagination... Read More →

Creative Writing Competitions

Our website features the most comprehensive and regularly-updated list of creative writing competitions available online. We welcome contributions, so please feel free to message us if you’d like to add an event.

Books for Writers

Books about the writing craft and the writing life. The books in this list will help you improve your craft and become a world-class writer!

Gifts for Writers

Looking for a cool gift for your writer friend or relative? We have compiled a list of creative ideas for you to consider. Happy shopping!

Photography Competitions

We recenly opened a new website featuring a list of photography competitions. If you happen to be interested in photography, please do go have a look!

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