Simple Tips For Writing A Great Short Story

A well-written short story can pack a punch. In a short amount of time, a writer can create a relatable character, a unique setting, and an intriguing plot. Writers can practice all types of genres from dystopias to romance and more. But as anyone who’s attempted to write a short story without success can attest, crafting a great short story isn’t easy. There’s a reason that short stories are often taught as an after-thought, not a core part of a writer’s curriculum. And yet, a well-written short story can make a powerful impact on a reader. So how do you write a great short story? Write a hook Your audience will forgive a lot of flaws in a short story, as long as the story is interesting from the first line. Remember, one way they’ll be judging your story is based on how long you can sustain their interest. That is, aside from the riveting plot and glorious prose, you have to make them believe that your story is necessary, relevant to their lives, and entertaining. If your plot doesn’t have a hook from the very beginning, an episode that entices your reader, a set-up for the rest of the story, then your story is all but doomed to failure. Following the character’s thoughts, a place description, a hook maxim, or a conversation is an excellent way to start a story, no matter what plot might follow. If nothing screams ‘here’s why you should read on!’ then you are in trouble. And if you do begin with an enticing hook as described above, but your introduction isn’t 100% clean and tidy, then your reader will notice. And from there, they won’t be forgiving exactly where your short story falters. Make sure that your hook doesn’t slow the pace significantly and… read more →