After the Fall: Tales of the Apocalypse

Project Description

A desolate landscape, wracked with upheaval, the uncanny nature of a place once so familiar. A revelation of what was formerly undisclosed, the harbingers of apocalypse are edging ever closer…

The wasteland of abandoned memories, the end of the world or a chance for a new beginning. Be it a personal apocalypse, or one of great cataclysm, the stories that arise from the rubble are tales of aftermath and tales of survival. Bridging the gap between Science Fiction and Horror, the gothic overtones of the apocalyptic imagination are explored to their full extent in these short stories.

After the Fall is a collection of twenty short stories, all apocalyptic or dystopian in nature. Some bringing laughter and others bringing tears, but each unique in its interpretation of the theme.


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After the Fall: Tales of the Apocalypse

This anthology didn’t just leave an impression on me, it made me weep for humanity. The stories are a pack of beasts, brutal and emotional. You cannot outrun them. There is no escape, and even if there was one, you would prefer to stay.
H.M Narro
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