The 2023 Bloom Writing Contest

mon01mayAll DayThe 2023 Bloom Writing ContestCategoryMultiple categoriesEntry Fee€3 Max word count2500 Top Prize500 Euros

Event Details

he 2023 Bloom Writing Contest is a writing competition that seeks to find hidden talent in the literary scene. Named after the late Harold Bloom, a renowned literary critic and scholar, the contest will place heavy emphasis on works of deep meaning, aesthetic beauty and literary quality—just as he did. Unlike the previous competition, The 2023 Bloom Writing Contest accepts submissions of all types, whether it be an essay, a poem, a short story, or even an exhortation (if that’s your style!). All will be judged equally and on the basis of your submission’s quality on its own.

The winner of the competition will be showcased in the second edition of The European Literary Review, the society’s quarterly literary magazine. The winner will also have their own ‘author showcase’ in the journal discussing their life, aspirations, literature, motivations, etc—this is optional, and not required. But it is a good opportunity to increase the value of your personal literary profile.

Each submission that makes the shortlist will also be fully showcased in The European Literary Review, along with some selected pieces from the longlist.

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