august, 2022

01augAll DayChinese Writing ContestInternationalEntry Fee:Free Max word count:1000 Top Prize:One year subscription of a Chinese graded reader

Event Details

Learning Chinese is to be creative!

Students toy around elements of Chinese language and create interesting stories or beautiful poetry. It’s like playing with small pieces of Lego. We are only limited by our own imaginations. This creative field should be open to students from day one.

However, the theme of learning Chinese is often dominated by the question “how many characters have you learned?” This question has led many students to focus on accumulating Chinese characters, spending so much time and energy either to look up characters or to memorise them. But accumulating characters for the sake of accumulating them does not enhance students’ learning experience, nor help them develop their Chinese skills, or bring any sense of delight. This is unfortunate.

The real question we should ask is “how much Chinese reading and writing have you done?” With this question, students’ focus is turned into reading for ideas and writing for creation. Amazing learning results can be achieved.

Therefore, in order to encourage students to read more and to write more, learners of Chinese worldwide are invited to participate in this Chinese Writing Contest, and to show their creativity using 320 Chinese characters.

Beginner students are encouraged to compete with the advanced ones, and the older students are encouraged to compete with the younger ones.

This is a competition that no one suffers from stage fright. Have fun!

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