La Piccioletta Barca

La Piccioletta Barca was first conceived of in 2018, when our aspiring sailors realised that there was no boat to take them the lands they wished to visit. Unwilling to give in, they began to construct their piccioletta barca (or ‘little boat’), at which point the crew grew rapidly (taking on musicians, artists, historians, philosophers and all sorts of travellers) until the deck itself was creaking from the weight, and the boat was ready to begin its journey!

True to the desires of its crew, La Piccioletta Barca embarked upon a journey without a destination; a platform from which its members could explore interests and passions from a diverse group of disciplines. And as the boat cuts through the churning waters, so too do its sailors delve into the intricacies of thought, without allowing content or form to constrain them.

Because of the nature of the journey, and the callings of its members, each issue is centred on a stimulus, which they approach and investigate from different angles, producing pieces upon the thoughts and feelings that it inspires.

The favourable winds which first led our piccioletta barca from its port have kept on howling, and we, in turn, have unfurled our sails to chase them. Having now produced hundreds of pieces over the course of multiple issues, we are more excited than ever to see where future currents will take us, and what lands we shall sight from there.

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