Kissing Dynamite Poetry

Twelve poems each month— Kissing Dynamite curates compact issues that honor the thematic threads presented by contributing poets. Our goal is to present multiple facets of a theme/topic/issue to break the narrative of "the single story."

My work as a teacher of English, writer, and editor has left me with the overarching question: "Who gets to tell the story?" As we know, large groups of folks historically have been left out of the realm of publishing, often leaving us with "a single story." And even as the writing community has begun to address underrepresentation in our art and letters, we still in small ways bar entry into publishing: submission fees, narrow definitions of what makes "good" literature, limited access. There are wonderful journals out there doing the critical work of providing accessible venues for multiple voices, and I want to do my part by joining that effort.

—Christine Taylor, EIC

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