Michael Rumery

    Project Description

    Michael’s story, THE DREAMER AND THE DREAMED was chosen for our collection due to it’s originality and colourful descriptions (and illustrations!).

    Michael writes:

    DREAMER is the beginning of Chapter 7 of my novel NAM MAN. The idea for DREAMER  came from Vietnam 1968. My team had set up a night ambush. My position was next to the trail. I would trigger the trap. Severe malaria attack caused my fevered brain to see visions of the past. Suddenly a flash of reflected light warned of approaching enemy. Slapped back to reality, just in time, I pulled the trigger. Years later, I used this idea for Sargeant Mayan dreaming of ancient ancestors. Mayan warriors attacked by Aztecs. The last scene is the flash of reflected light, Sgt. Mayan warned of approaching NVA soldiers.

    Michael’s Bio:

    Education: San Jacinto College – Art
    University of Houston – Fine Arts
    Rice University: Mayan Archaeology & Architecture
    Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation – Brooklyn, NY.
    Military service: 101st AIRBORNE: Fort Campbell Kentucky & 173rd AIRBORNE BRIGADE ( Vietnam 67-69)
    Co-founder & artist: NATIONAL VETERANS ART MUSEUM (nvam.org) Chicago, Illinois
    Ludwig Vogelstein Foundation; 2 project grants for writing NAM MAN.



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