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    An archaeologist by day, it is only natural that the stories Kevin Horsley writes are an exploration of the human footprint upon the world; the way we interact with our surroundings and each other. Sometimes dark, gritty and sinister, he writes in a variety of genres and styles as he and his characters search for meaning within whatever grim vision of reality they find themselves in.

    With only a single poem published with FIRE poetry magazine in previous years, Evlyn is his first published story. He is very much in the early stages of a potential fiction writing career, but having a piece shortlisted and published with Almond Press is a big step in the right direction. Proudly from the North East, he currently lives and works across the UK and abroad.

    Kevin’s story Evlyn is featured in our Apocalypse Chronicles Anthology.

    Kevin Horsley Author

    Ash, fear, moments of reconciliation; darkness, hope, moments of regret. What will the Apocalypse bring for you?

    Apocalypse Chronicles brings together stories, memories, and endings. Woven together by their collective experience, each tale offers a unique and harrowing understanding of what the Apocalypse will mean for their world. Families, worlds, futures and pasts are explored in this unique anthology that brings together fiction from authors from across the globe.

    Bear witness to the end of the world as you know it; but will you know how it will end?

    We invite you to read and hope you enjoy this collection.


    Apocalypse Chronicles Anthology

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