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Fall: A Collection of Short Stories

Project Description

Fall – for some a word that denotes the time of year when trees shed their leaves, for others a season that passes with pain – a fall from a roof – a fall from grace; whilst even others embrace a time of joy – falling in love. So time passes… falling from season to season, embracing the emotions of our existence – pain, healing, love, joy, maturity, until in the footfalls of those who have gone before us, together with the world we live in, we enter the autumn of life…

This collection of short stories will give you the chance to get acquainted with 16 of the best short stories among almost 200 submitted to the first contest organized by Almond Press, all chosen for their intellectual and emotional appeal. International in scope, this collection represents the richness and variety of the human condition in a profound, and at times provocative way. Each of the 16 authors in this collection represents a different writing style, a different approach to storytelling, and an original interpretation of the theme.


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Fall: A Collection of Short Stories

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