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    Doxa J. Zannou is a seventeen years old indie author from Benin, West Africa, who lives to serve God and write. She has an elder sister and a younger one.  Her preferred writing genre is poetry but she is also practicing the art of writing unforgettable stories. Writing is God’s gift to her and she hopes to exploit this gift for His glory. The only times she does not write are when she is either reading profound, sensational books or studying for school. Her first poetry collection, Dry Your Tears With Dust is published on Amazon but an updated version will soon be available! She is currently editing her first YA novel, Ashes Of Our Past, whose main theme is centered on overcoming trauma and experiencing true regeneration.  She is also writing her second novel, Variations 0f Insanity which deals with the mental health of teenagers today. Both novels can be found on Wattpad and the latter on Jukepop.
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    Doxa Zannou

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