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Christopher Adams

Project Description

Christopher Adams is a Black Country native and has not yet found the escape hatch. He works as an English teacher and makes stories that hover between dream and reality, the grandiose and the mundane, baked beans and the developing apocalypse.

His short story, Before the Crack, is his first proper go at publishable fiction.

Christopher Adams Author

Ash, fear, moments of reconciliation; darkness, hope, moments of regret. What will the Apocalypse bring for you?

Apocalypse Chronicles brings together stories, memories, and endings. Woven together by their collective experience, each tale offers a unique and harrowing understanding of what the Apocalypse will mean for their world. Families, worlds, futures and pasts are explored in this unique anthology that brings together fiction from authors from across the globe.

Bear witness to the end of the world as you know it; but will you know how it will end?

We invite you to read and hope you enjoy this collection.


Apocalypse Chronicles Anthology

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