Cas Blomberg

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    _MG_1400-Edit-COL“She’s dying. I can see it in her eyes, big brown things that don’t know where the iris is supposed to end and the rest of the eyeball begin. Two balls of molten coffee rolling around in a gaunt, pasty face no longer caring what goes on around her.”

    In a former life, Cas Blomberg wore a badge and wielded a gun. Now she wears whatever she wants and wields a pen. First published in 2008, Cas spends most of her time surviving Scandinavia’s brutal winters. Writing fantasy novels, short stories and poetry helps her forget about the freezing death waiting just outside the door.

    Cas is a member of Stockholm Writers Group and the founder of Stockholm Writers Network. She is interested in literacy programs, both local and international.

    Her latest novel, Ashborne, follows a cleric, her husband and one of the last elven sorceresses on a journey of discovery. While fleeing the past, each of them are caught up in an unknown future. The book is available for purchase at Amazon and other eBook retailers. She is currently writing the sequel.

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    • Date May 4, 2015
    • Tags Authors
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